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Residential Slide Gates

Look around at most of the gated homes in Chicagoland, and you’ll notice that, traditionally, when people use home gates, they use swing gates. While swing gates give driveway entrances elegance and protection, in many cases, residential slide gates are the better option. Could a slide gate be right for your property? Have you considered the benefits of our residential slide gates in Chicago? Gate Options is proud to offer both quality slide gates and slide gate installation in Chicago and its surrounding areas. As experts in the gating industry, we’re your one-stop shop for slide gate repairs in Chicago, as well as slide gate parts and service. When you’re looking for an attractive, durable gate option, here’s what you need to know.

Benefits of Residential Slide Gates

Residential slide gates offer several distinct advantages, especially applicable in the winter months. Thanks to their sliding design, they can often be a smarter option for a Chicagoland property. Consider some of their key benefits:

  • Aesthetic value: Attractive and available in various materials, slide gates can be a great complement to any home’s style.
  • Durability: With a slide gate, the actual gate is stored against the rest of the perimeter fence, thus better protecting the gate when it’s opened.
  • Weather resilience: This design also helps when there is snow on the ground. Swing gates have 90 degrees to travel through the snow while slide gates have a straight line in which to travel. This alleviates undue stress on the gate.

When evaluating whether or not to use slide gates at your property, keep in mind that these gates work best on property that is flat. Likewise, they do require ample horizontal space to operate.

Places Where Residential Slide Gates Make Sense

When you have available space on the sides of your driveway, a residential slide gate lets you take advantage of that available space by sending your gate in and out horizontally. Rather than swinging open and closed in a wide half circle, the gate hides alongside itself when open, tucked out of the way. Here are a few situations where this sort of gate makes more sense than a swing gate:

  1. When you have landscaping in the way: When there are trees, bushes or other landscaping you want to keep in the path of a potential swing gate, a slide gate provides a solution.
  2. When your driveway slopes upward: If your driveway has a significant upward slope, it would be tough to use a swing gate. In this case, a slide gate provides an alternative that is just as attractive and durable.
  3. In tighter spaces: Maybe your property couldn’t accommodate the space needed for a swinging gate, but it could fit a sliding gate. In this situation, too, a sliding gate works well.

Ultimately, making a choice between a swing gate and a slide gate is up to you. Gate Options offers personalized support, not to mention professional slide gate installation in Chicago. Come to us when you need a quality gate, gate installation or slide gate repairs in Chicago! Our professionals are ready to serve you.