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The Gate Options Difference

1.    Customization
At Gate Options, the only feature that comes “standard” is customization. We know that each customer has unique needs, and each project site brings with it different challenges. We approach every proposal with that attitude.

2.    Attention to Detail
Everything from hinge type to radio controls is selected and installed with consideration for system requirements and aesthetics. Our purpose is to install a gate that will have the look you desire while functioning as it should.

3.    Weatherized Components
Chicago is known for its tough weather, and the deteriorating state of our roadways alone is proof of the toll it can take on outdoor equipment. We weatherize our wiring to prevent the elements from having an impact on the functionality of your gate. We also sell battery backups so that severe storms and power outages do not interrupt service.

4.    Dependable Service
Our technicians respond to and resolve all calls within 24 to 48 hours of the initial call. We also warranty our service labor and any materials installed for up to 90 days after the repair. You can count on Gate Options to be with you every step of the way, though original installation and beyond.