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Residential Gate Installation Process

1. Meet with a member of our sales staff.

Call or email our office to schedule a free in-home consultation. You’ll be matched with the project manager that regularly works in your area. Weekend and evening appointments are available but are limited.

2. Figure out the specifics of your project.

Where will your gate be located? What purpose will it serve? How will you access your gate? These are all questions that must be answered in order to propose a quote and install your gate. See our Project Checklist for more information.

3. Choose a design.

Would you like a standard design or one custom to your taste? We are happy to prepare either for installation. It’s important to remember that things such as location and property grade affect the design of your gate.

4. Sign and return proposal with deposit.

Once you are satisfied with the design and layout of your gate and any accompanying fencing, the next step is to sign the proposal and return it to your project manager. You can email, fax, snail mail or hand deliver your contract, whichever option is most convenient for you.
Along with your contract we also need:

  • A 50 percent deposit (we accept cash, personal check, Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards)
  • A signed consumer rights acknowledgement form
  • A completed financing Application Form and Sales Slip if you choose to finance the balance of your project through GE Capital. (Please contact your project manager for more information)

5. Obtain your permit.

Apply for a permit from your local building department, whether it be at your city, township or county office. We suggest applying for your permit as early as possible. It may take up to two weeks to obtain. Please notify Gate Options if your permit is not approved for any reason. You will need a copy of your plat of survey to obtain your permit.

Also be sure to obtain a permit or approval from your neighborhood or homeowner association (covenants and restrictions) prior to scheduling, if applicable.

6. Schedule installation.

When we receive all of the above forms of payment, your project will be processed and ordered. When we have all materials ready for your project, we will contact you to schedule installation. Your salesman will give you an expected timeline for this process.

7. Prepare the job site.

Gate Options will call J.U.L.I.E. to located public utilities in your yard prior to installation. If you have any private utilities such as a sprinkler system, invisible fence, sump pump lines or landscape lighting, it is your responsibility to have those marked by a private locating company. Please do not move or tamper with the flags or markings in your yard until installation is complete.

Additionally, all shrubs, plants, trees, etc… must be cleared from the installation area prior to the technicians’ arrival. Our techs should not have to move any plants or debris before installing.

8. Installation and completion.

Depending on the system installed, installation can take anywhere from one to five days to complete. After completion, our techs will test all elements of the system to be sure they work properly. They will also advise preventive maintenance and collect the final balance due at this time.

Although every attempt is made to install your gate on schedule, it is important to note that all scheduling dates are subject to weather conditions. Our scheduling department will contact you if weather becomes an issue.